StepUp Communications inc


As a company, we uphold three basic values:

Honest Communications
We believe that everyone appreciates truthful information, even in times of hardship or when it's bad news. Employees can quickly become jaded to “spin”. Honest communications increase employee satisfaction which in turn improves their interactions with your customers or clients, and that positively affects the bottomline. We abide by this principle in our own business. For more information on our standards, please see the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada's Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct for Graphic Designers.

Work-Life Balance
Life is not all about work. We strive for balance in all things, even in the daily task of running a business. We believe in having our company give back to the community. We welcome pro bono projects from qualified applicants (see the pro bono section of this website for details on procedures). In fact, our work week accommodates up to four hours of pro bono work for each full-time employee. Outside of the office, we teach, exercise leadership in our various communities, and make time to pursue creative, intellectual, spiritual, social, family-related and physical activities.

Good Business
While we are passionate about our work and about giving back to the community, we are also entrusted with running a viable business. Therefore we seek clients who understand that a business needs to make a profit, and that professional services come at a professional price. We expect to charge for our services at a fair rate. We expect to pay our suppliers at a fair rate. We choose our clients as much as they choose us. This ensures healthy, profitable relationships for all parties.