StepUp Communications inc

pro bono work

We believe in giving back to our community. In fact, our work week is specifically designed to allow up to four hours of pro bono work per full-time employee. Our criteria for selecting pro bono clients are as follows:

If your nonprofit charity or arts group is working to improve or raise awareness of any of these:

  • status of women,
  • cultural minorities,
  • poverty,
  • environmental issues,
  • fine arts/film/theatre

and if your organization falls into one of our typical client categories, we would be happy to help you with your communications and graphic design needs. We subscribe to the Code of Ethics cited in the Constitution of the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada. We also follow the pro bono guidelines suggested by the Society of the Graphic Designers of Canada, which are summarized as follows.

Initial analysis of potential pro-bono project:
• Pro-bono by definition is “for the common good.” Is the project under consideration pro-bono by definition, meaning 50% or less of regular fees?
• Is it work for a not-for-profit?
• Is there a merchandising component to this project?
• Will the project generate funds for the client? For what purpose? And if funds are raised, need to address potential royalties and any future applications.

Things we will consider before agreeing to provide a partial or full donation to a project:
• Does the project provide a creative outlet for our business?
• Is it a project/cause that we wish to donate to?
• Does the client who is requesting the donation have an ongoing working relationship with our business?
• Has the client requested donations in the past?
• What is our present work schedule?
• Are we already involved in another pro-bono project at this time?
• Have we set and/or completed the donation quota for this month/year?
• We will always provide the client with a quote of what the project is worth and what the reduced fee (if any) will be before the beginning of the project.
• We will provide Terms of Engagement with the quote.
• If the project is contra, any exchange of goods or services is to be based on equal value at full retail pricing.
• Is everyone else involved donating their services? (i.e. film house, printer, paper, etc...)
• We will accept the same treatment as other suppliers. E.g. if other suppliers are donating 10%, we will donate 10%.
• We may consider an application form for clients to fill out with the above information for consideration. The form may also include questions about project, scope, organization, budget, fundraising expectations, time line, etc... This document would be presented to the client with a copy of Terms of Engagement.